Picket Captains Needed!


Now that our strike vote is complete and everyone understands the dire situation in which we find ourselves, we’re moving on to the next phase of our planning and preparing. In the event of a strike, we will need 130 strike captains which means – WE NEED YOU!
The role of a picket captain includes:
– represent the local on the picket line
– be the ‘leader’ of the picket line, inspire picketers, solve problems
– act as a liaison and help forward messages to members from the local
– ensure the safety of picketers
– distribute information flyers to individuals crossing the picket line
– ensure picketers sign in/out at each shift to ensure strike pay can be issued
Training opportunities may be available for Strike Captains if time permits.
If you are able to assist us in this capacity please email: secretarycupe4222@gmail.com or call the office at 519.453.4222.
Thank you to those of you who have already expressed interest in being a strike captain. We need to mobilize and ensure we’re adequately prepared. We’re all in this together!