A message from the President: Re – School Closure Announcement


Please see below a debriefing provided by OSBCU following a Town Hall call discussing the recent announcement by the Ford Government to close schools for 2 weeks due to the Coronavirus 19 pandemic. As you can see, it appears the messages are vastly different from the initial announcement released earlier today causing for increased frustrations.

While this news is disheartening, we strongly believe our members are being unjustly treated but we must await clarification from TVDSB as to the impact of the closure across the Valley. OSBCU is working diligently to devise a plan to support members and local leadership to ensure our interests are not ignored.

We remain optimistic that the TVDSB will recognize the importance of safety measures for ALL staff members, not just a select few. We anticipate an announcement from the employer by tomorrow afternoon providing further direction on the impact to CUPE 4222 members.

We understand there are many questions, lots of speculation and rumours but we appreciate your patience as we work through this, its been an unexpected whirlwind of activity for many this evening. As updates are provided to us they will be shared via personal email, website and our Facebook page.

In Solidarity,
Victoria Toulouse
CUPE 4222 President

What we know? (as provided by OSBCU President, Laura Walton)
  • Classes are cancelled
  • Permanent employees and those in Long Term Occasional positions will be paid, it is unclear if casual workers will receive pay
  • Childcare programs and day cares are not covered by this announcement – it will be up to individual boards to determine whether day care, extended day and childcare programs will continue to run.  This may result in our custodial/caretaker staff being required to clean these spaces
  • Education Centres, Administration Buildings may remain open – again this is a local school board decision – the Ministry has asked that there be communications be available for the parents and public.  This may result in our clerical staff being required to report to work or being asked to work in an alternative location.
  • Permits and Community Use of Schools may be continuing – again this is another local school board decision and may impact our members.
  • Closures extend to adult learning, ESL and ISL programs – it is our understanding that permanent members from these programs will also be paid.