April 28th, 2024 – National Day of Mourning


Sunday, April 28th is National Day of Mourning

Every single day, workers are injured due to workplace hazards.

On April 28th, we recognize and remember all of the workers who have been killed, injured, or made ill by hazardous work.
We encourage all members to reflect on this day and take a moment to think of those who have been affected by workplace injuries.

We should always be thinking of ways on how to be safe and healthy on the job, as we all deserve a safe and healthy work environment. If you notice something isn’t right, report it.
Even if you’re unsure, it’s always best to bring it to the attention of your on-site Health and Safety Comittee, at your location.

If you’re unsure of who those individuals are, check your Health and Safety board at your location for the list of the committee members. If your location does not have a Health and Safety board, please speak to your supervisor/principal, as there should be a board in every location.

Please see the links below for information regarding Day of Mourning events that will be taking place this weekend: