CUPE 4222 Colouring Contest


As you may recall, we initiated a Colouring Contest in September 2019 but … life got busy … and this idea went by the wayside for awhile but we’re enthusiastic to see this through.
Looking for an activity to keep the kids busy? Wanting to relax and unwind?
Put your creativity to the test and participate in the
CUPE 4222 Colouring Contest!
Drawings must be reflect the work and impact of CUPE 4222 members (maintenance, custodial, IT, warehouse driver, clerical – school and board based, ECE’s in Care for Newcomer Children and Kindergarten)
Parameters for submission:
Open to anyone
Multiple submissions accepted
Must be a minimum of 8.5”x 11″ piece of paper
Executive Board members to make selections
Artists will receive a prize for participating
We will prepare a 12-18 month calendar (dependent on the number of submissions) utilizing the drawings. We will sell for final product at cost, use as a promotional item and in benevolent gift baskets.
Deadline: November 30, 2020
Submissions can be sent via mail, TVDSB mailbag or dropped off at the office.
We did receive 8 submissions from children of CUPE members which will still be included in the preparation of our calendar but we need more great images! Be sure to submit them today!

EML Reverse Holiday Parade – volunteers needed!


With Covid restrictions continuing well into the upcoming holiday season we are seeking ways to bring awareness of the great work CUPE 4222 members do for the communities we serve.
As part of our efforts, CUPE 4222 has developed an Ad-hoc committee to participate in the EML Reverse Santa Claus Parade in Pinafore Park, St. Thomas from December 4-6, 2020.
A motion supported at our October 17, 2020 General Membership Meeting reads: ‘To develop an Ad-hoc committee to create a display for CUPE 4222 with a $2000 budget utilizing the Public Awareness budget line. ** Committee requires a minimum of 4 members to proceed’
This is a great opportunity for members of each unit (and retirees) with a wide range of skills from carpentry .. to painting .. or set up/tear down of the display before and after the event to collaborate. Please consider volunteering your time and to create an exhibit representative of our local.

General Membership Meeting Dates & Guidelines


For the foreseeable future, the CUPE 4222 General Membership Meetings will be held online utilizing Zoom. As such, the Executive has created a set of Guidelines to assist members navigate this new way of conducting business. Please CLICK HERE to view.
CLICK HERE to view and record the 2020 – 2021 General Membership Meeting dates.

OSBCU E Action


Posted on behalf of Laura Walton, OSBCU President –

We are thrilled to be launching the next phase of our #safeschoolsdependonCUPE Campaign.  This campaign will directly send a message to the Premiere Ford, Minister Lecce and your MPP demanding that funding be provided to enable safe schools, not just for September but throughout the school year!

Please distribute amongst your teaching colleagues, community partners, family and friends by sharing to your social media pages as well!
Our goal is to have 10000 messages sent – be watching Facebook for updates!
Here is the link:
Let’s collectively raise our voices and let the government know #safeschoolsdependoncupe

OMERS Board Betrays Plan Members, Eliminates Guaranteed Indexing


Sent on behalf of CUPE Ontario President, Fred Hahn – 
CUPE Ontario is profoundly disappointed to report to you that the OMERS Sponsor Corporation Board of Directors has voted in favour of eliminating the guaranteed indexing of your pension for service worked after December 31, 2022.

The “Shared Risk indexing” proposal passed. This means that for service worked after December 31, 2022, annual indexing for that portion of your OMERS pension could be reduced or even eliminated. It is especially bad for younger workers or new hires who will have to work most or all their career without getting the guaranteed indexing of their pension in retirement. Plan members who are already retired are not impacted by this change.

Indexing is the annual increase to your pension to keep up with the cost-of-living. Just like your union fights for wage increases, we must also fight for pension increases. Our living standards should improve, not decline. After a lifetime of work, workers expect to have a decent and secure retirement. That means having a pension that increases with the cost-of-living, so we don’t get farther and farther behind. Indexing is especially important for workers who don’t earn as much as they should. For example, the average pension for a CUPE school board worker after 30 years of service is only about $15,000/year.

Ending the certainty that your pension will increase by the cost-of-living every year is a major blow to your retirement security. Instead of having that guarantee, it will be left to the Board to decide every year, with no real rules to follow. We will now have to fight every year to pressure the same Board that just eliminated guaranteed indexing to grant full conditional indexing.

A two-thirds vote of the Board was needed for “Shared Risk indexing” to pass. If all the Worker/Retiree Representatives stood united and voted against it, it could have been defeated. Instead, it’s clear that some voted with Employers on this proposal. CUPE, OPSEU, ATU, CIPP and several other unions who collectively represent a majority of Plan members were opposed to this proposal. Through CUPE Ontario’s website, almost 60,000 e-mails were sent to the Board urging the Representatives to vote no. But the Board of Directors has ignored the voices of unions and Plan members and has eliminated guaranteed indexing in the middle of a global pandemic.

Other plan changes were passed. The Board voted in favour of 3 technical changes that make OMERS service buybacks easier for workers on layoff or reduced earnings in light of disruption caused by COVID-19. These changes should have been implemented far sooner, but we believe OMERS decided to package them today with  “Shared Risk indexing” in an attempt for a positive spin. The Board also passed an amendment that makes it easier for part-time, casual and contract workers to join OMERS – which CUPE Ontario fully supports. These other plan changes in no way make up for the fact that the Board has passed “Shared Risk indexing”, a major concession for Plan members.

The past 9 months have exposed grave concerns about the leadership of OMERS and the direction the Plan is headed. A concerted effort has been made to distance the Board of Directors from the Sponsor Organizations and Plan members they represent. CUPE Ontario is extremely worried that the Board of Directors and key decision-makers have lost sight of the Plan’s fundamental purpose.

We know this news is difficult during this already incredibly challenging time working and living amid a global pandemic. Members have been rightly focused on keeping our families and communities safe and healthy.

I promise you that our campaign does not end here. CUPE Ontario members, the single largest group of members in OMERS, will never stop fighting for the indexing of our pensions. Working with other unions, we will campaign to take back the Plan from those who listen more to the bankers and Bay Street types than Plan members, and make sure OMERS is working in the interest of workers. We will never stop fighting to fix OMERS.

Stay tuned for future actions.


Tentative Agreements Reached!


Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that all 3 Units of CUPE 4222 have reached tentative agreements with the Thames Valley District School Board.

The Executive is currently investigating online/telephone voting platforms suitable for a membership our size due to the on-going limitations of group sizes still in place because of Covid-19. We are hopeful voting will take place sometime in July.
The 1% increase awarded through Central negotiations will be issued retroactively to September 1, 2019 following ratification of our local agreement although no date for distribution has been determined at this time.
Be sure to keep checking your emails for updates!

Columbia Warehouse Invitation – June 2020


We are pleased to announce that Columbia Warehouse has extended another invitation to CUPE 4222 members beginning June 26 – July 19, 2020.
CLICK HERE for the Invitation
Members are welcome to bring up to 4 family members/friends to shop per visit. To gain access to the store please take the following with you:
1. Invitation letter – either printed or shown on a digital device
2. CUPE 4222 membership card OR your TVDSB paystub (found in employee portal)
3. A piece of personal photo ID
Members may access the Warehouse multiple times during the invitation period. This notice will also be emailed to all members with contact information on file and posted on our Facebook page.