Right to Refuse work & process


Please review the attachments below regarding the procedures on the right to refuse work where health and safety is in danger as provided by CUPE National.
CLICK HERE for information regarding COVID-19 and the right to refuse unsafe work
CLICK HERE to view the work refusal process

OSBCU Bulletin – April 7, 2020


Please CLICK HERE to view the most recent bulletin provided by OSBCU.
Please CLICK HERE to view a message from your Injured Worker/Health & Safety Representatives Mike Saliba and Michele LaLonge-Davey.
Below are some additional attachments that are an excellent resource to assist members answer some outstanding questions. Please click on the link directly (blue lettering). This information has already been shared in previous days.

Role of the Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator: Learn at Home Program


Please CLICK HERE to view documentation provided regarding the role of the Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator during the ‘Learn at Home Program’
Please let us know by email if you have any concerns or questions –
Rebecca Graham: unitdvpcupe4222@gmail.com
Victoria Toulouse: presidentcupe4222@gmail.com
Joanne Dowswell: chiefstewardcupe4222@gmail.com

Custodial Update – April 4, 2020


To All Custodians
  1. We have tried to negotiate with the board to limit the number of custodians in the building, the length of time and the duties.
  2. We have contacted our National Rep
  3. We have contacted the President of OSBCU
  4. We have contacted the Health Unit
  5. We have contacted the business “Stop the Spread ” hotline
Every one of them say you must report to work if you pass the self assessment tool (https://covid-19.ontario.ca/selfassessment/#q0). If you do not pass the self assessment tool, it is not open for interpretation, you do not report to work and our employer is stating you must use sick leave (we are still fighting this).
This is the most up to date information we have. As you are aware things change very quickly and without warning and we will continue to provide the information as we receive it.
We know this is not the news you want to hear but we must warn all of you that if you choose not to attend work there could be consequences.
We also understand that everyone is upset and fearful but we will not be approving Facebook posts about the alerts as nothing has changed since the alert. We have also turned off commenting to avoid inaccurate information.
Please let us know by email if you have any concerns
Victoria Toulouse: presidentcupe4222@gmail.com
Joanne Dowswell: chiefstewardcupe4222@gmail.com

Important Custodial Update


To all our Custodial Members

After many conversations with management today we had to agree to disagree. The Board is our employer and although we don’t agree with the way this is playing out the following is what we know:

Staff will attend work as directed by their OPs leaders.
Prior to attending work you must complete the covid-19 assessment at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/selfassessment/#q0

You will not be doing summer cleanup but are there to support the student online learning process only.
You will not be assisting teachers – they are to collect their belongings and carry everything out themselves.
In  supporting the online learning process, you will need to clean touch points and conducts deep clean of areas that are being accessed as well as other necessary work to ensure the safety of yourselves and others.
The Board is unsure how long it will take to get all the technology ready for staff and students. You will not be handing out any devices. Your only job for this is to clean, bag and tag the devices.
There will be days and afternoon shifts only (midnights will come down to afternoons).
Please let us know by email if you have any concerns with staff.
Victoria Toulouse: presidentcupe4222@gmail.com
Joanne Dowswell: chiefstewardcupe4222@gmail.com
We apologize we could not do more right now but there are still a few avenues we are looking into.

CUPE 4222 Graduation Award – revision


Due to these unprecedented times, school/workplace closures and self isolating the Graduation Award committee has developed a plan we hope will allow us to continue with this annual tradition.
The award MUST be prepared by the student graduating from high school in the 2019-2020 school year and address the topic ‘The importance of unions in society’ and submitted no later than April 30, 2000.
Online submissions can be made via email to:
OR dropped off to:
Joanne Dowswell – 11 Naama Street, St. Thomas ON
Melissa Bakker – 101 Coldstream Crescent, London ON
Jade Ewart – 489 Belvedere Avenue, London ON
The Credit Counselling Summary &/or a Student Status Sheet submission will be waived for the current time. When school Guidance offices re-open we will require them for review. Subsequently final year end transcripts will be required once issued by the schools to confirm successful completion of OSSD requirements prior to award monies being distributed to successful candidates.
The process for presentation of the award certificate and monies will be determined at a later time depending on the COVID-19 situation. We anticipate public gatherings may still be limited into the Fall impacting our ability to present the award at Graduation/Commencement ceremonies.
CLICK HERE to review Criteria for Graduation Award
CLICK HERE for Graduation Award Application Form